After more than 50 bridal showers, 30 bachelorette parties, 80 weddings and 15 baby showers, it's not about you, my friends, any more. It's all about me. Check my blog for clues on whom I'd like to live happily ever after with. Each day, you need to think -- "Hmmm...would he be right for Lisa?" Then, when the right guy comes to mind, set me up! But, let's keep the contest between us girls (and select boys that are allowed to view my desperation).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

80 weddings, really?

I have had more inquiries about the number of weddings I've been to than potential dates. Focus, people, focus. Today's photo shows the first wedding that I was ever in -- 5 years old, a flower girl. Tony, my date, wasn't much of a dancer, but I'm thinking I should google him and see if he has a job, is a social smoker only, owns more than 2 pairs of shoes and is funny. Hopefully, he hates camping too!

Must have #6: Hopefully, he'll have a lot of married friends so that I don't have to go to 80 more weddings!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Should I just settle...

...for Brian? (hint: click on this, it's a link!)
My friend, Jen, sent me an email about another singleton looking for love in Chicago. Check it out and post whether you think I should send him an email and ask him out or not!

Other dates that are coming my way include:
- Lawyer in Houston, TX (through college friend, Nicole)
- Red head actor guy in Chicago (through co-worker, Erin)
- 40 year old, highly recommended guy in Chicago (through college friend, Abbie)

I feel this is going to be quite a contest -- which ever of the above gets a "meeting/date" scheduled first will win a prize for being first! And, it'll be a good one,'ll have to keep checking my blog to find out.

It's Friday -- wish me luck on finding some candidates this weekend.

MUST HAVE #5: Already gone thrugh the "camping" phase of his life. I'd love to say that I'll go camping, but I'd be lying.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another weekend has come and gone...

...and all I got was a BACKSTAGE PASS TO MADONNA! Ok, well it wasn't that cool, but I did get to go with three friends to tour backstage and see her changing rooms, her makeup, her guitars and her crew of about 250 British men.

Once again, I find myself taking the advice of my married friends and family -- "you gotta go where the fish are." I went fishing this weekend. I went to a Cubs game on Friday, Taste of Randolph on Saturday and the Madonna show on Sunday. (Ok, well no straight men were at Madonna), but I was definitely out there. The hightlight...meeting a Brit that works for Madonna and going backstage. Other than that, nothin.

This is where you come in, people. I'm going to continue to tell me all the ways in which I'm trying to go about meeting someone until one of you comes through with a date or two! Get busy, ladies!

♥ MUST HAVE #4: A sense of humor. It sort of goes without saying, but let's not consider any guys that can't take a joke, make a joke or get a joke!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let's get serious ladies (and gentlemen) -- this is a contest!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet today. Thanks to all that have visited my blog --- also thanks for passing it along. I've had so many emails from people that I haven't spoken to in so long. But, no more time for catching up...this is a contest and someone needs to take the lead early. Don't you all know at least one non-smoking guy that has a job? It's only going to get harder to win as the "must have" list gets longer. We should probably start talking about the prize. Would love to hear some fun ideas of what you should win for finding me someone!


Suggested reading for a single girl

You can decide for yourself if these will help you, but if nothing else, they are really funny!

- The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex, by Joshua Piven
- I'm with Stupid, by Gene Weingarten
- How to Date in a Post-Dating World, by Diane Mapes

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A photo so you start to understand my pain

Here I am in Vegas during the height of the single boy season -- March Madness and this is what I meet. This is a picture of a guy that was later named "the spanker" -- thinking that smacking butts added to his charm. And, as you can see, he's ready to smoke whenever the mood strikes - leading to my next "must have."


Monday, June 12, 2006

Welcome friends!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Most of you have heard my plan to host this contest, but I needed something to motivate me to get it going (as if 80 weddings weren't enough). This weekend I found it. After another date with a sub-25 year old "boy," I realized that I can't keep up. I don't do kegstands any more. I don't have 4 roommates any more. I graduated college in the 90s! So, I need your help. I'm excited to meet a whole bunch of "men," not "boys" and find THE ONE. Yes, that's right, you read right. I'm ready. Some of you thought I'd never give up on Durkin's as my dating breeding ground, but...I have. I've tried speed dating, I play extracurricular sports (hard to believe I know) and I've even given my real phone number to boys that I've met, but it's all been pretty disappointing so far. Each entry will include a "must have" for my future mate. You can decide how seriously to take them all as you consider my husband of choice.

Your assignment this week is think of some prize ideas for the winner. Winner is someone that sets me up and I date the guy for more than 3 months! Don't worry, there will be other prizes along the way for "Best First Date (to Date)," "Best Dressed Date," or "Cheapest Date." -- the list goes on!

♥ Must Have #1
Let's start with the basics (I've done enough writing today). A JOB. HE NEEDS TO BE EMPLOYED.