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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The reveal

Tonight, I am showing "the red head" the blog. It slipped. I made some comment about having a blog and realized that it was not something that I had ever really planned on sharing (at least not in the first few months of dating). I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know that it's entitled, "FIND A HUSBAND 4 LISA!"

The good news is that he is not someone that I met through efforts of this blog! He also knows that I affectionately refer to him as "the red head" so he won't be offended by that either (at least I don't think so).

Where to go from here? I'm not sure.

I have accepted a new part-time gig with a company called HurryDate, which does provide hours of entertaining dating stories, just not ones about me and all my woes. Basically, I run speed dating parties in Chicago for singles aged 24 - 60! So, if you know anyone that you think would want to attend a speed dating party, let me know!

Also, if you have thoughts on where I should take my blog, let me know. If you want, I will continue to tell you how things proceed with "the red head." Just because we are dating, does not mean a marriage is in the works. I have plenty to write about, just not sure you all are interested in hearing it! Lemme know...


Blogger Leigh Ann Taillie said...

O.M.G.....I don't know if you should post about the red head if the red head is reading your blog. If you met the red head without the help of anyone from the blog, do you get to buy your own award present if you get married?

I can't think what your blog should be about if not about the, city life, your dream wedding?

7:15 PM

Anonymous Brewmaster said...

I think you should write about the hurrydate dating stories. I'm sure by now there are at least 50 couples married from doing that. ;-)

7:38 PM

Blogger Adler's Mom said...

i think you can mix it up. some stories about hurry date, some about the red head and other funny stories you always seem to have!

10:23 PM

Blogger Meghan said...

Just wondering how the "reveal" went. I am interested to hear. I think you will have PLENTY of material from hurry date to keep the blog going, but I agree with Adler's Mom, you should throw in some funny stories along the way, because you do always seem to have some!! :-) Happy Turkey Day Senora!

1:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of keeping the blog going, why haven't you been writing lately? I mean we don't even know what the red head thought about it. Did you run off and elope matt Murton or are you just lazy?

2:00 PM


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