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Monday, January 21, 2008

Woman are crazy

The other day I caught a few minutes of The Eric & Kathy Show and was reminded that women are crazy.

For those of you that do not know of this morning radio show, I'll give you an overview. Women in Chicago love this show! It's hugely successful among women women, 25 - 45. I know this because I buy radio on behalf of my clients and advertising on this show does not come cheap.

Eric & Kathy are the main characters - both are happily married (the second time around) and have children - anyone that listens to the show knows that Eric's wife is Jen and Kathy's husband is Burt. Kathy had a boob job and Eric went to the University of Iowa (my almamater) and has twins. Barry (a nice man from Wheaton) with a really deep voice does the news and Melissa does the traffic and weather. Cynthia was the intern but is now a full-time player on the show. And, I mean player. Both Melissa & Cynthia are single and their single life is often (very often) the topic of the morning talk show. They send them on dating escapades, set them up on dates and are always taking calls on what these single ladies should do!

Anyway, men, if you listen to the show, you'll never admit it. Women, if you listen, you love it!

The segment that I caught was Eric & Kathy taking calls from single women who were calling in and admitting how far their obsession with getting married had taken them. I mean, I do author a blog entitled "Find a Husband for Lisa," but all I wanted was to get some dates. These women had magazine subscriptions to bridal magazines. Some even had wedding dresses already purchased and hanging in their closets! I found it really frightening. Then, I imagined that they were probably in their 30s like me :(

Let me tell you something about me...
I have never flipped through a bridal magazine. I have never even tried on a wedding dress. I don't own a veil. I have not reserved a reception hall and I don't have a favorite florist on call. I don't know if there will be a live band or a DJ. I don't know what color I'll be accenting with and if there will be slipcovers for the chairs.

After listening to female callers, I I want to get married? I mean, they acted like that was all normal. Dreaming of their wedding day to the point that they half planned it! They already knew who would be in their bridal party too. I have done none of those things, but then again...there is this blog!

I feel crazy for not being crazy! Does that make any sense?