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Friday, June 23, 2006

Should I just settle...

...for Brian? (hint: click on this, it's a link!)
My friend, Jen, sent me an email about another singleton looking for love in Chicago. Check it out and post whether you think I should send him an email and ask him out or not!

Other dates that are coming my way include:
- Lawyer in Houston, TX (through college friend, Nicole)
- Red head actor guy in Chicago (through co-worker, Erin)
- 40 year old, highly recommended guy in Chicago (through college friend, Abbie)

I feel this is going to be quite a contest -- which ever of the above gets a "meeting/date" scheduled first will win a prize for being first! And, it'll be a good one,'ll have to keep checking my blog to find out.

It's Friday -- wish me luck on finding some candidates this weekend.

MUST HAVE #5: Already gone thrugh the "camping" phase of his life. I'd love to say that I'll go camping, but I'd be lying.


Blogger Nacho Libre said...

Hmmmm... worth a date, yes. Worth settling for? Not sure...

He's very well educated and seems like a really funny guy (love the saran wrap of the car thing). BUT, he's a Braves Fan and he's drinking something red in his picture.

If he can pin a wild boar in less than 2 and a quarter minutes like Nacho Libre, then maybe he has a chance. Otherwise, this member of the jury says move over bacon I know there is something better... Sizzlean!

3:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey sugs it's me: I think the Brian guy seems funny for the most part (some of the captions are somewhat cheesy, but overall, more funny than cheesy). My fave part of his site is the "pros and cons." Sugs -- if you want to have kids, this is not the guy for you. I really admire that he put this out there, front and center. Shows he's mature and understands how important this is. So, if you don't want kids, I'd give this guy a 6 on a 1-10 scale. If you DO want kids, NEXT!
Love, sugs

5:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's funny. But you want kids, right? Settle for someone else.

9:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

His friends seem cute, maybe one of them wants kids.
~ Grace

10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, this is the year of quantity not quality.

11:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with Senor Libre. Brian seems cool and funny -- but not worth settling for. Why not make him your teammate? He says he has bad style, and you can help in that category, LL, (perhaps that'll boost his number of dates). In return, he sets you up with some of his friends. Just an idea ;)

10:24 PM

Blogger BuRCu said...

i didnt like this guy. he can seem a little funny but not 4 u i guess. why doesnt a man who likes children want his own ones? that sounds like he doesnt like responsibility?!!

8:59 AM

Blogger Adler's Mom said...

I like how he admits he has a big nose and posts what he deems his worst photo on the home page. But for me, he didn't answer the most important question, what kind of car does he drive? I think this should be your rule #6.

4:37 PM

Blogger Christy said...

Although I think Brian's wit and brutal honesty is a very funny, I don't think settling should be an option this early in the game. The 4th of July weekend in only a few days away too.

I would like to propose the Irish laddy to the right for you. Hmmmmm…… look familiar? Unfortunately, even if he does have a job, more than two pairs of shoes and doesn’t smoke the fact that he has a cubs blanket dubbing as a cape and is somehow trying to manage holding 4 beers at once, my gut tells me I should refrain from suggesting this nomination.

Don’t get me wrong! Holding 4 beers at once and looking like the Irish version of Duff Man is an enormous feat, but I am guessing these might not be the qualities you desire in a man you’d like to marry.

The search continues....

9:58 AM

Anonymous Nicole said...

I'd pass on Brian. You're not going to have to settle! Hold on a few more days until I see the attorney from Houston. Given the distance, I think I should be eligible for the prize for the first date arranged if I can arrange some e-mailing between you and the Houstonian. . . what do you say?

3:30 PM


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