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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A photo so you start to understand my pain

Here I am in Vegas during the height of the single boy season -- March Madness and this is what I meet. This is a picture of a guy that was later named "the spanker" -- thinking that smacking butts added to his charm. And, as you can see, he's ready to smoke whenever the mood strikes - leading to my next "must have."



Blogger BuRCu said...

yep smoker? no, smells badly especially smokers hands :) awful for non-smokers. and i cant imagine kissing. ok stay away from him :))

5:09 AM

Anonymous Olivia said...

My long-lost grandbaby! It's your pledge grandma, Olivia (Ferguson) Haas. Sorry to say that I've already crossed over to the darkside by getting hitched in '98 and we now have a 20-month old little boy named Quinn. But I'm here for you and support your cause. Jen Halperin sent me the link to your blog (which is hilarious!). Not sure how much I can help as I live in the DC area, but I look forward to tracking your progress. Good luck and go get 'em!

10:48 AM

Blogger Perry said...

What if he's a heavy smoker but he's had his driver's license revoked? You'll take those kind of guys right?

1:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time no see!!! It's Stephanie LaRue (from Iowa) -- the "sisters" are getting the word out about your blog. As a recent divorcee (or, as my sister likes to call it, "back on the market"), I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! It's like the Titanic -- the water is freezing and there aren't enough boats for everyone. You think it's bad in Chicago -- try Kansas!! (Hey - is "the spanker" still available? -- kidding!)I wish you the best in your quest for love and look forward to the outcome.

12:35 PM

Blogger kimono said...

And to think he was one of the better DBs in Vegas that weekend.

5:16 PM

Blogger Nacho Libre said...


Nacho Libre cannot be stopped. I am a blogging machine.

PS. There is no such thing as a occasional smoker.

5:20 PM


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