After more than 50 bridal showers, 30 bachelorette parties, 80 weddings and 15 baby showers, it's not about you, my friends, any more. It's all about me. Check my blog for clues on whom I'd like to live happily ever after with. Each day, you need to think -- "Hmmm...would he be right for Lisa?" Then, when the right guy comes to mind, set me up! But, let's keep the contest between us girls (and select boys that are allowed to view my desperation).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where is he???

Well, I know you all are reading my blog because you tell me and you tell my Mom (Dena Howser), but you are very shy about posting! Ladies, tell me what you think, tell me that you are thinking of my prince (and my impending happiness).

Come back soon because there are "dates in progress" and some prizes will be distributed if all goes well...

Must Have #7: Taste buds that exceed restaurants that only deep fry their menus! Meaning, once in a while, he'll want a nice dinner for two!


Blogger Perry said...

What no deep fried twinkies at Swank Frank? You're making this contest harder and harder.

5:30 PM


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