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Friday, July 14, 2006

Desperate times calls for...

...desperate measures.
Oh, I'm not talking about me. I mean, I have all of you working on dates for me, but this poor woman (her mug shot above) in Aloha, Oregon should be so lucky. She had a real love emergency! She was arrested for calling 911 to find the 'cutie-pie' cop that had just left her house after following up on a noise ordinance complaint! Don't let his happen to me...


Blogger Perry said...

Poor girl.

On a different subject I saw this article and thought you might find it interesting.

Are you better off single?

11:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got a candidate for you Lisa. Ok. So it's not a police officer, but it's someone with an equally high stressful job. My old copywriter colleague, Marc. We worked together at Bozell in the late nineties. I gave him your 411 so you won't have to be calling 911 anytime soon...Let us know how things go. Hope I win the contest!

2:48 PM

Anonymous Shawn's Lisa said...

Hmmm... maybe the woman just thought it was one of those sexy stripper hot cops.

I've got my eyes peeled for you. There's nothing I love like hooking people up.

2:56 PM


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