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Monday, July 31, 2006

I have a date!

That's right, ladies! My co-worker, Karen, set me up with a guy that she used to work with at a different ad agency. is what I know:
- He has a job (same industry, so that's conversation at least)
- He wears shoes (he had some on at lunch when Karen told him about me, but she didn't ask how many pairs he as at home, but I'll work it in tonight)
- His most recent vacation did NOT involve camping
- He has a sense of humor (he moonlights once a week at Improv Olympic)
- He is over 25, actually 31!
- And, he is planning the date -- didn't do the "so what do you wanna do?" Or, "you pick the restaurant" -- just said I'll plan it and pick you up at 7:30 pm. Fun.

So, now I need to award Karen with a prize for getting me my first date! I will let you know how the date went and what she wins later this week.

For the rest of you, I hope this inspires you to get busy! Heather B said she doesn't like to lose, but...I have yet to hear from a boy that knows her.


Blogger Cally said...

Wow Lisa! I'm so excited that you have a date and he meets all of the requirements and more! A guy who makes the plans and spares the drama of where to go is a rare find. Have fun!

4:42 PM

Anonymous Heather said...

Ok Lisa, I have indeed lost focus. But I'm quick to refocus, so I'll get back on track. I'm bummed I lost the first challenge, but I'm so excited for you to go on this first date. Go ahead and kiss all those frogs. I'm just concerned with winning it in the end and finding you your prince! I'll be in touch with your prince's info. Have a great date!

5:28 PM

Anonymous Jen Halps said...

Lisa! You are on your first date RIGHT NOW!!! It is 8:10 p.m. and where could you be? What are you doing? Being a planner at all is key, but was he a GOOD planner? Can't wait to find out! You better not be wearing his shirt in the morning!!!! ;) You go, sistah!!! Kiss that frog!!!

8:18 PM

Blogger Perry said...

Don't trade any facial parasites with him. It's too soon.

8:43 AM

Anonymous Anne said...

Oops, thought I left this the other day, my mistake! How was the date? Hope it went well enough that I can now pass this on to Eric & Kathy! Good luck!

3:06 PM

Blogger Mayday said...

Hope your date went well. Perry & I tried with the Cubs game/BBQ but we won't give up!

12:31 PM

Anonymous Karen Rafeedie said...

Where's my prize?

3:13 PM

Blogger Nacho Libre said...

WELL... we are waiting... how did it go?!

3:09 PM


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