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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm no hoochie mama

So, I canceled on Marty on Thursday night. I was on deadline at work and needed to work late. Wait, that's what I told him, but really, this is what was going on.

Usually when I go on multiple dates in one week, it's just a bunch of first dates and mostly they've all been flops. But, now that there are two boys in the "past the first date" range, I felt kind of dirty. Must be the "good Catholic girl" in me that is making me feel guilty. And, the problem is the wrong one likes me. I like the red head and while he appears to be interested, he certainly isn't making the move like Marty, the one that I only sort of like.


I know poor me, right? You don't feel bad for me because I asked for this. I asked for dates and now I'm whining. That's not really it. I'm just sayin, I never thought it would be so weird to date a couple of guys. So, I can't "date like a guy" after all and I'd make a terrible slut!

Now, I'm going to brunch with Marty on Sunday -- safer date, more time has passed since the red head date, feel less guilty and so on.


Blogger Perry said...

Yeah, sounds like Catholic guilt to me.

1:12 PM


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