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Friday, March 23, 2007

One thing at a time. Husband first. Baby next.

According to direct mail list vendors, I should already be married and with child. Today, I received my first "complimentary" issue of Working Mother magazine. Demographically speaking, I'm their target. Little do they know – for I am unwed and without child, but I do have a job! Which makes me think, am I going to also start receiving "complimentary" issues of Depression Today magazine or Knitting Your Way into Old Age or Cat Lovers magazine? Seriously.

Maybe there's hope, I have been on four dates with Marty! And, the cute redhead has been emailing, but if he doesn't ask me out, I'm going to end our penpal relationship for I don't need any more friends! (Ok, that sounds harsh, but come on...another guy friend? No, unless they have lots of available single men, don't need 'em!)

So, as you go about your weekends, think about who you may know that I may need to know.


Blogger Adler's Mom said...

That's so funny that you got this magazine! Maybe one of your dates sent this to you??! Perhaps the one with the kid??!! Thanks for sending on to me so I could get something out of it at least.

7:11 PM


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