After more than 50 bridal showers, 30 bachelorette parties, 80 weddings and 15 baby showers, it's not about you, my friends, any more. It's all about me. Check my blog for clues on whom I'd like to live happily ever after with. Each day, you need to think -- "Hmmm...would he be right for Lisa?" Then, when the right guy comes to mind, set me up! But, let's keep the contest between us girls (and select boys that are allowed to view my desperation).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prize patrol

The following friends will be receiving prizes:

Set-up that has lasted the longest prize
goes to Karyn – she's right, I have been on the most dates with Marty!
Cutest set-up prize goes Kim, Merrideth & Katie W – a second date with this cute red head is in the works!
Most set-ups prize goes to Leigh – I went on two dates thanks to Leigh!
Consolation set-up prize goes to Katie B – she can't help that the date was "crabby!"

For the rest of you out there, keep your eyes open! It's spring soon and the boys will be in full bloom.


Anonymous Katie said...

I'll make a comeback!

5:11 PM

Anonymous JK said...

Shouldn't Chris get a prize for worst set up. He definitely made all the other ones look that much better.

10:47 AM

Blogger Adler's Mom said...

my prize is seeing you happy and with someone who treats you well! awww...keep talking about those dates. the blog is the only way i can keep up and austen can read about his auntie lisa.

11:43 AM


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