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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marty makes a comeback!

I still don't think it's an absolute love connection, but since the date, he's been real cute, like this puppy. I know that word is overused, but it works in this instance. He writes witty emails and does not call too much, which I like. In fact, he has only called me once and I like it.

I'll be going out with him again on Monday night to see The Pogues, the ultimate Irish band, in his words. more thing I should mention. The text stalker is back. The friend of the bad date from the Auto Show text me again. He took two weeks off and then thought it would be a good idea to see if maybe now I'd be interested. He has since been renamed in my phone from "Random Dave" to "Don't Answer!" Only one other person has had the "Don't Answer" name. Do you remember who?

C'mon Meghan, Shannon or know who it is. I'll give you a hint. He called me on the day that Cubs tickets went on sale. Haven't talked to him since German Fest, but apparently I'm still affectionately stored in his phone.


Anonymous JK said...

Well I have to say the Pogues do Rock and anything Irish this time of year can't be bad. Actually anything Irish anytime of the year is great. Of course this is coming from someone who is Irish.

By the way wht isn't there a website for all the crazy women out there. Maybe I should start one.

10:47 AM

Blogger Shannon said...

I can't believe the text stalker is back. Gross! Tell him to "es".

12:21 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

I think I'll just tell the stalker to meet me at the Bird's Nest!!!

2:51 PM


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