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Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Mardi Gras Date

Well, it was definitely an improvement from the Auto Show (although, it wouldn't take much to improve upon that), but it still was not an instant love connection, which is why there will most likely not be a second date.

If you are just catching up, here's how I met Marty.

Karyn, a new mom to Austen, has been spending her maternity leave searching the neighborhoods for dates for me. Since she's not working, she's not taking the 65 bus down Grand so she had to look elsewhere on Grand. Enter Roots @ Grand and Racine.

While getting her haircut at Roots, she noticed many a good-looking guys also getting groomed. Got her thinking...

Next thing I know, I'm going on a date with the hair stylist's brother-in-law!

What I knew going in:
- He's a probation officer for bad kids
- He's 30
- He's a non-smoker
- Has more than 2 pairs of shoes
- Lives d'town
- Has good hair!

What I know now that I've been on one date:
- He's funny (he has some good stories)
- He's a self-proclaimed music snob (we may have 2 of the same CDs, but that's it)
- He's a little cheap (he missed the bus and instead of taking a cab and being on time for our first meeting, he walked)
- He's social (he met a bunch of people that were also out celebrating Fat Tuesday that I knew)
- He loves Guinness (I had one waiting for him when arrived)
- He's smart (he said I didn't look anywhere near 30!)

So maybe I'll go out with him again and see if a real date (dinner or something besides a few cocktails) that he plans yields a good time!


Blogger Brian said...

Hey, don't hold it against him if his favorite CDs are Bananarama and El DeBarge.

9:18 AM

Anonymous Average Joggler said...

Another guy who loves the Guinness Book of World Records! That's awesome. Does that mean he's trying to get into it too?

It's kinda weird that you had the book waiting for him however.

3:31 PM


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