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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dating stinks!

Sorry, I haven't been keeping you up to date on my "dating life," but...I needed some time to read all of the books that I've either been given or I bought as a part of my search to find THE ONE!

So, in case you had doubts on whether I knew how to handle myself on a date or you thought I might not know how to dress for a first date, I am completely educated! A few other things I learned include:
- How to deal with a drunken date
- How to deal with a bad kisser
- How to deal with a date that's choking

I'm ready for anything so even if you are unsure as to whether it'll be a love connection, I know how to "deal" with almost any dating situation. Try me.

A few of you have mentioned some potentials. Amy & Scott? Donna? Kelly? Anne? Erin? Dena? Post something about this boy on my blog if for no other reason but to get my other friends busy finding me a date!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a situation: Your blind date shows up at your front door wearing a hat. That's OK, but he does NOT take it off the entire night...Do you ask him to remove it to make sure there's "Snow on the Mountain Top"???

6:38 PM


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