After more than 50 bridal showers, 30 bachelorette parties, 80 weddings and 15 baby showers, it's not about you, my friends, any more. It's all about me. Check my blog for clues on whom I'd like to live happily ever after with. Each day, you need to think -- "Hmmm...would he be right for Lisa?" Then, when the right guy comes to mind, set me up! But, let's keep the contest between us girls (and select boys that are allowed to view my desperation).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Date #2 is tonight!

So, I'm going on my second date with the police officer tonight. I'm actually looking forward to it -- which hasn't been the case much lately. Oh, did I mention that I went on a date last night too? He was a set-up from Erin, another co-worker, that had a good looking friend, that is over 25, has more than 2 pairs of shoes and hates camping! And, a bonus with last night's date is that he's a huge Hawkeye fan! It really doesn't get much better that that. Oh wait, he has to call me first...

More later, have to get ready for my dinner date!


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