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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If you see this man, hurt him

This is a picture of my friend, Chris. He set me up on the blind date (see previous post) for the Charity event at the Chicago Auto Show. He is also a 30+ single person looking for love in Chicago so if you know someone that really, really sucks, let me know because I'd like to set him up.

The bad blind date from last week is still haunting me. The guy (affectionately referenced as "porno man" in my last post) gave my phone number to another guy after our date! So, I've been getting random text messages from a guy named, David, that I have no intention on going out with. I mean, after all, he's friends with porno man!

How many unanswered texts will it take before he stops? Today's text, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Is he kidding?


Blogger Perry said...

Was he the guy who tailed you at the auto show? He seemed nice in a weird sorta way.

He looked a bit like Patrick Dempsey right?

Your post did give me a business idea though...text message replies for awkward situations.

8:07 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

If he'd looked anything like Patrick Dempsey, I'd have jumped in one of those cars. Wink Wink!!!

8:15 PM

Blogger John said...

Ok so let me get this straight. With Chris's nickname you are surprised that the guy was looking at porn on his phone(just kidding Porn Star I know you meant well). This is why guys should not set up girls. We suck at it. We think like guys.

8:38 AM

Anonymous Katie said...

Alright, your info is in the inbox of a handsome friend-- per his request! Smart, cute, motivated, works for the state. Let me know how it goes!

1:05 PM


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