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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Refilling my prescription

In case you are wondering...I'm still single.
Volunteering at the Cubs Convention didn't work out. Skiing didn't yield any hotties. So, I'm back asking you all to help me! It's been a slow start to 2007, which is unlike me. Usually, I have a great first quarter, but not this year -- I am O for 31 on dates in January.

I'm beyond worrying about a Valentine's Day date and am now just looking to get a date during the month of February!

New things that I'm doing to try and meet boys include...bowling on a Chicago
Sport & Social team on Tuesday nights and signing up to run many a
races in the next few months. Shamrock Shuffle, Race to Wrigley, etc.
I'm doing my part, now, I need you all to do yours -- find me a

I appreciate all your hard work and thank you in advance!


Blogger Adler's Mom said...

I'm still working to fill your prescription although the only guys I see these days are Tom and Austen.

But, hey, I'm working for you...maybe Saturday there will be some cute boys watching the IU vs. Iowa basketball game.

8:51 AM


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