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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are we dating?

That's a question I haven't been asked in months. All this "dating" that I have been doing and none of it has gotten to the point of asking, "are we dating?"

Well...I'm there. The red head asked the question.

Christ. All this work to get a boyfriend (potential husband) and I've never once actually thought about the fact of what to do if one of these set-ups were to actually work. per usual, I found a witty way of getting out of answering that question to buy myself some more time before becoming insta-girlfriend!

Then, it got me thinking...
What exactly does it mean to be "dating?" Found a ton of really entertaining definitions when I googled it. This ivillage one cracked me up...I feel like if a guy were to tell me that he wanted a "night of hugs," that I'd throw up on him first, then dump him exactly for the reason he's afraid of...for being unmanly! Anyway, click on the link, it's kind of funny. I need to go think about what "dating" means to me. Any thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have the answer- maybe when you decide not to see other people? But I do know you are starting to sound like Carrie from Sex and the City.."and I started thinking, what is dating?" heehee...

9:34 AM

Anonymous Cdavis said...

Hmmmmm.... I guess if you can hang out with someone continuously and not get so disgustingly annoyed to the point you want to throttle them the next step of dating them is a good move. Go for it!

9:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was once dating a girl who tried to pull the insta-girlfriend trick. After a few weeks of dating, her parents came to town for a visit and she said to me, "My parents think that you are my boyfriend. Are you?" We got married a couple of years later...

10:34 AM

Blogger Perry said...

I think if he hears you fart and comes back for another date, it means you're dating.

10:48 AM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

Perry, that's disgusting! Girls don't fart!

10:56 AM

Anonymous brewmaster said...

One thing is for sure, if you're "dating" this blog is going to get a heck of a lot more boring! Unless he pops the question and wins the husband contest...haha

11:24 AM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

I'm insulted that you are finding it boring already and that the only possibility is that it will get more boring. Must be nice having that nice girlfriend of yours!

11:38 AM

Anonymous JK said...

All I can say when ever I avoid the question I usually know the answer and the soon to be outcome.

3:18 PM

Blogger Shannon said...

I think that you like spending time with the redhead since you're not finding excuses to avoid him (as in previous dating posts). I think this means you are dating! I also think it's a good thing! Go Bachelorette!

3:01 PM

Blogger Adler's Mom said...

So my question is - what happens to the blog when you are dating or when you find a husband? What does it evolve into?

11:32 PM


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