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Monday, June 18, 2007

It's my blogerversary!

Yep, it's been a year since I created my husband contest blog! Wouldn't it be fun if I were celebrating my 6-month anniversary of dating a really cute red head? Yah, I think that would be fun too. But, I'm not.

Instead, I'm celebrating another year of singledom.

How did I celebrate you ask?

Ummm...I drank too much on Thursday night and made out with a random boy. Do I feel better? Not really. But, it was fun. A good anniversary present to me.

So, as I look ahead to another year of blogging, I'm asking you to not give up on me. For one of these set-ups will work one of these days, right?

I have one other favor to ask you, my friends, please post your comments! It's way more fun if I know you are reading because you are posting rather than going to check my site stats!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy blogerversary! i will be sending you positive boy-meeting vibes, as i don't get out much these days to meet anyone for you! maybe one day vivi's pediatrician?? :-)

2:07 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

A doctor would be nice! You should include that in your search for the perfect pediatrician -- single and red-headed!

8:21 PM

Blogger Perry said...

Congratulations! Unfortunately, I have no new dates to set you up on but I can leave a comment. Keep up the entertaining work.

The Joggler

6:17 AM

Blogger John said...

Happy Anniversary. For your Anniversary I put in the works one Brian from my Softball team. I told him a little about you and that you would be at my party. He should be also. I'll know more next Monday.

8:29 AM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

Perry, there are thousands of employees at Alberto so start looking!

10:28 AM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

JK, you are the best! Can't wait to meet new softball boy. Um...does he have red hair? Just wondering...

10:29 AM

Anonymous beaker said...

My thought is this, I was in the UIC ER last night for 5 hours and there did seem to be a great deal of good looking doctors sans accents and excessive nose hair. I would stage some sort of accident that could get you into an ER for 3-4 hours of scope-out time to size up some doctors. That said, beaker will showcasing his 2 black eyes and very crooked broken nose to this week's NBT courtesy of a sharp elbow from a yet to be determined opposing player from my soccer game last night.

7:30 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

It wasn't the pornstar was it?

7:48 PM

Blogger Adler's Mom said...

I love that Beaker got beat up playing soccer. Serves him right for laughing at me getting beat up that one year! Bachelorette - I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. 2007-2008 is gonna be a good year!

10:08 PM

Anonymous Meet Market Adventures Chicago said...

Hi Lisa,

Love your blog and contest idea. I think you should check out this site and come to one of our events. If there is something in June that interests you let us know we can give you a comp guest pass to check it out.

MMA Chicago Adventure Team

1:01 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

That's awesome. Could be fun! I love that they found your blog :)

1:11 PM

Blogger Shannon said...

Hey, find out if the meet market folks can get you tix to the Cubs-Sox game!:) maybe they have a "comp pass". I think this year will be your year Lisa. I promise to work harder at finding cute Alberto boys - I'm sure they exist somewhere!

2:51 PM

Anonymous Brewmaster said...

I will keep looking, but I have no single friends that could keep up with you. =)

5:01 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

Brewmaster - Make some new friends!

8:16 AM


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