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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yee haw - I'm back from Nashville with my new cowboy boots

I'm tired of talking about boys. Can we talk about my new boots instead? Seriously, I love them. And, for all of you that are wondering...they are not pink!

In addition to loving my new boots, I found that I don't hate country music! In fact, I have more in common with those country singers than I thought. Their cars are always breakin down, their hearts are always breakin, someone's always losing (stupid Cubs) and yet through it all, they don't sing the blues, they sing country!

And, I did have a Tim McGraw sighting (only I didn't know it was him until after I'd made a fool of myself in front of him). See, I was overserved and showing off my new boots to Beaker and almost fell over only to look up to two cowboys laughing at me. One of those cowboys was the one and only husband to Faith Hill, another country hottie. He is not ugly.

About the race? It was hard. I kind of sucked. Hills bad. Goo gel bad, wanted to barf mile 9 through 13.


Anonymous JK said...

Pretty funny because my cousin was at a party in LA at the New Stoli hotel last night and he said Tim McGraw was there. He sure gets around.

3:54 PM

Anonymous JenDog said...

Just wanted to let you know that your blog is now international. Just got done reading Sept - May and have a suggestion for you. I think you should come down to Sydney and visit and I'll set you up with some some Australian men for you to date. Let me know when you land and I'll have them all lined up.

9:18 AM

Anonymous beaker said...

Hey I thought Tim Mcgraw was a pretty good looking guy myself, although I was completely dehydrated from 13 miles of running, my nips were chafing, and was on my 14th Jack/coke... but I did notice T. Mcgraw was a little too groomed for comfort... country star that is well manicured..kind of an oxymoron. My suggestion is all girls should wear cowboy boots, the world would be a better place.. the southern girls have the right idea. I think a road trip back to Nashville is in order.

8:22 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

Love that you spent some quality time catching up on my almost extinct dating life. Maybe you are right -- I should take the challenge internationally. Got any prospects?

4:00 PM


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