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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I gained a little insight last night

What do guys talk about? Doesn't every girl want to know? When two good guy friends hangout (at a Cubs game) for a couple of hours, what could they possibly talk about?

Assumptions I'd made:
- Fantasy baseball
- Hot chicks (as they walk by)
- Fantasy football
- The a-hole at work
- Fantasy baseball

Turns out, their conversations are a lot more like girl conversations than I thought! I sat next to two 30 somethings that allowed me to eavesdrop the entire night. I was cracking up. They sounded like two chicks, but with longer breaks of silence between topics!

Reality check -- this is what they actually talked about:
- Working out
After 7 innings of looking at Derek Lee, one guys said, "I bet D Lee does a lot of lunges. I should do more lunges" His friend's reply, "No, you should do more squats. D Lee definitely does squats"

- Food
After getting their second helping of nachos, one guy said to the other, "I went to this great place the other night, where they serve small plates. I thought it would be gay, but it was really good and I wasn't too full when I was done so I could drink more." His friend said, "Did you drink wine too?"

- Making plans
One guy said, "You should come over with your girlfriend next weekend, we could grill out." His response, "Can I bring her parents? They always make me pay when we all go out."

- Exes
"Remember Suzie? Well, I heard she got married. Good for her." His friend, "Poor guy."

- Gaining weight
"Do you really think squats would work to help me drop a few? The friend said, "Yah, look at D Lee!"

- Girls
"We hired two new chicks at work." The friends expected response, "Are they hot?"
"Not bad, one has a boyfriend, the other is really young."

I did learn from these same two guys that if they had even one more friend with them that the conversation would be totally be different -- it's only acceptable two guys by themselves to talk about that stuff, but in a group, no way.



Blogger Adler's Mom said...

This has got to be one of your best posts yet. I loved the recap on the "guys" conversation! Can't believe no one else has commented on this!

10:06 PM

Anonymous Brewmaster said...

I agree that was a great post. What you didn't realize is you accidentally overheard two obvious closeted homosexuals. I have never once discussed the nuances between a lunge and a squat, nor attributed such activities to baseball players. The last time I spoke about a Cubs player with a male friend was when we were watching the game and I said, "Goddamn that Mark Grace must get a shitload of poontang". The friend's response, "Fuckin' A right".

4:03 PM

Blogger The Bachelorette said...

Please refrain, brewmaster, from using such foul language on my blog :)

3:58 PM


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