After more than 50 bridal showers, 30 bachelorette parties, 80 weddings and 15 baby showers, it's not about you, my friends, any more. It's all about me. Check my blog for clues on whom I'd like to live happily ever after with. Each day, you need to think -- "Hmmm...would he be right for Lisa?" Then, when the right guy comes to mind, set me up! But, let's keep the contest between us girls (and select boys that are allowed to view my desperation).

Friday, May 18, 2007

I need a date for May 30th!

I have tickets to the Wednesday, May 30th night game at Wrigley! So, this weekend, I'll be looking for a date. Not that I don't trust you all to offer up your single friends, brothers, half brothers, cousins, probation officers, etc. -- it's more that I haven't been "out there" looking for a date in a while. So, I'm going old school this weekend. I'll have to work on my "charm."

- He has to be free on Wednesday, 5/30
- He must like baseball
- He doesn't have to be Cubs fan, but he can't be a hater (don't want to listen to Cubs bashing all night unless I start it)
- He should probably like beer (I'm NOT sitting with a guy for nine innings that is going to drink Mai Tais)
- He has to wear a shirt that he didn't get for free (I guess technically if it were a gift, it's free to him, but at least someone bought it. I'm talking about a shirt that says "Nextel" on it, or "Hormel Foods" -- seriously, I met or been on a date with a guy sporting both of those)